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me part 2
I kinda want someone to make a Nate/Hardison Fanmix and call it "Plan M."

This entry is dedicated to Alec Hardison...

kelis pop
 making good guys look sexy since 2008

p.s. Aldis Hodge should speak spanish more. He is half dominican. Make this happen.

Rec Rec REC.

me part 2
So I've dragged into a new fandom. Blame James Mcavoy and his tendency to talk about mental threeways and fingering himself (I know!).

So I talked to Neb about it and came home to find this wonderful, wonderful AU that manages to keep the dynamic of Charles and Erik and just be so... beautifully gripping.

Ok enough enough here it is- We're all here because we're not all here.

NOTE: Please read the warnings. This story is extremely trigger worthy ( it hit one of mine but I'm seriously a masochist).

internet powers, activate!

me part 2
Originally posted by kythryne at internet powers, activate!
Okay, people. I need you to take this viral, and fast.

We know someone in upstate New York who needs a good custody lawyer ASAP. I'm not at liberty to go into details publicly, but this woman is very afraid that her abusive boyfriend is going to get sole custody of her young child.  She's presently being represented by a public defender who doesn't seem to care about the case, and she has very few resources left at this point. Her next hearing is on Thursday.

If you know a good lawyer in New York State who might be willing to take this case for a low fee or pro bono, or at least offer her advice or support, please let me know. If you don't know anyone, please repost this far and wide. As a mother and an abuse survivor, it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to contemplate a child being left in the hands of an abuser.

I can be reached at if you have any leads or want to help.

The internet can work miracles. Let's go.

How fandom managed to become my wife.

So for a while, I've been on a fandom break. Or at least I thought I was. I haven't written anything, made a mix or started up final cut to make a vid for so long. I needed to fix my life. Get back on track with my dreams so to speak. And it was going great.

Except for the fact that I couldn't think. Or create. Or you know- do my job.

I also realized that I was still reading fanfic everyday. Watching videos. I was passively as both my real and fandom lives passed me by. And then I realized what fandom has done for me. How it gave me a voice, a backbone and the greatest and dearest friends that I could ever hope for.

So no I may never go to a convention as a fan again (except for comic con). And I may never get all soap boxy or rp until three in the morning. But that was courtship/honeymoon phase anyway.

I have something that keeps me going and grounded and no matter what form it's in (seriously I think I just joined a new one) I kinda hope that it lasts forever.

me part 2
SO I have talented friends. You all know this. You all are among them. But there's something about watching my group here making music or acting or something that just makes me...giddy.

Two of my friends Ursa Major and Khaleel Deal are proof of this.

Enough pimping- on to their Music

Yeah this is totally because I toldauthoressnebula   that everyone should hear them.

So it's official...

I'm in the Eureka fandom and I brought Faith with me. Blame Maya.

ugh! This one-shot is gonna grow. I see it now. It already has a prequel. And a dual-crossover.

Why do I do this to myself?

*runs off to read some Jack/Alison/Nathan *

Being Human (US)

kelis lips
Forgetting the show right now I don't think I've shipped a cast as much as I do these three since Leverage. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER OK?!!

I'm like listening to the commentary and they're all joking about sleeping together and just gushing about each other and I'm all STOP! I GET IT. WHY DON"T YOU JUST MARRY EACH OTHER?

And then I remember that Sam H is married is totally adorable in his video blog with his son and aww but like.... CAST OT3!!!

Oh and the show is cool too. Whatever. I don't hate Sally as much as I did Annie or love Adian as much as I adore Mitchell but you know- blah blah blah.

Fic! (kinda)

me part 2
 So um... I have an audition coming up and naturally I read the play that the audition is for. And the character that I'm hoping to get really stuck with me to the point that this drabble came out. Yeah.

Title: The past buried above 96th street
Fandom: Our lady of 121st street
Words: 495
Warnings: Language (no seriously), Intentionally bad grammar.
Author's Note: So yeah, I tried to work off the vernacular of the characters in the play in creating this. Also I might write another piece about how she feels after the play is done. Also? I HIGHLY recommend reading the play "Our lady of 121st street." As well as "Jesus hopped the A train."

There was a reason she's called Nasty NoricaCollapse )

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